Dental Crowns and Bridges Barrie

Ready To Restore Your Smile With A Dental Crown or Dental Bridge?

A dental crown or dental bridge is used to replace missing teeth. Having missing teeth can often leave patients with low self-esteem and they'll try to hide their smiles. We never want that to be the case. We want our patients to smile as much as possible with confidence.

There are a few different kinds of dental crowns and dental bridges that our dentist will curate in order to boost your confidence and improve your oral health. But most importantly, when you practice good dental hygiene, you're bound to experience improved overall health as well.

Not only do we provide family dentistry services, but we also provide cosmetic dentistry solutions that help patients achieve the smile of their dreams. Our Barrie dentist looks forward to discussing tooth replacement options with you and identifying if you're a good candidate for either dental crowns or dental bridges. Learn more about these permanent and natural-looking solutions.

How Dental Crowns Work

A dental crown is also referred to as a cap because it acts as just that: a protective cap that is placed over a prepared tooth in order to change its appearance and prevent it from further damage. This is why porcelain crowns are ideal tooth replacement options for issues such as:

  • Providing remaining tooth structure with protection
  • Protecting a tooth after decay has been removed
  • Protecting a tooth after it's been cracked, chipped or broken
  • Changing the appearance of a misshapen tooth
  • Being attached to a dental implant
  • Holding a dental bridge in place when there are no surrounding healthy teeth

How Dental
Bridges Work

Help Fill In Gaps

Dental bridges work in the same way as crowns, only they replace multiple missing teeth. This is why, if you have multiple missing teeth, a dental bridge may be a better option for you.

Boost Your Confidence

If you're not happy with the appearance of your smile, a dental bridge can help restore your confidence by filling in gaps. Adjacent teeth will be prepared in order to support the replacement tooth in the middle.

You'll Need Health Remaining Teeth

In order to support the crown in the first place, you'll need healthy natural teeth on either side in order to sufficiently support it. These will be filed down to look like "abutments".

Implant-Supported Bridge Is Another Option

If you don't have surrounding healthy teeth, dental implants can be placed and those abutments will support the dental bridge. Once the dental bridge process is complete, it'll look just like your natural teeth.

How Are Dental Crowns & Dental Bridges Made?

Porcelain dental crowns and bridges are the most popular dental options because it's a natural-looking material that can mimic the colour and shape of your other teeth. Porcelain also doesn't include any metal, so it's a perfect option for people who have a metal allergy.

Before receiving a porcelain crown or bridge, our dentist will first need to prepare your tooth which, depending on your situation, will involve removing any decay or removing cracks and chips, and shaping the tooth into an abutment. Next, moulds will be taken of your mouth so your custom-fitted permanent crown or bridge can be placed. This mould will be sent to a dental lab which will take approximately one to two weeks. In the meantime, you'll receive a temporary crown or bridge.

Lastly, we'll place your permanent artificial tooth. It will be held in place with the help of dental cement. After this step, you can admire your new smile in the mirror; something that we love seeing on every patient.

Types of Dental Bridges Barrie

There are a few different types of dental bridges that our dental office will discuss with you depending on your specific case.

A traditional dental bridge, also referred to as a fixed dental bridge, is used when you have a single missing tooth and the adjacent teeth are used to support it.

A cantilever bridge is when the artificial tooth will be supported by just one surrounding healthy tooth or dental crown.

Implant-supported bridges are supported by dental crowns that are attached to dental implants; titanium screws that are surgically attached to your jawbone to replace the entirety of a missing tooth.

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