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Teeth Extractions Barrie

Why You May Need To Undergo Tooth Extraction In Barrie

Periodontal Disease

Advanced gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the leading cause of missing teeth in adults. Tooth extraction will be the last resort as our dentist will work with you to reverse early signs of periodontal disease, however, if it becomes too severe, it's best to have them removed instead of allowing them to fall out.

Once the teeth are removed and the periodontal disease is in control, there are various tooth replacement options we can discuss with you. Our patients' health and happiness are our top priority, therefore, we understand how important it is to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful, long-lasting smile.


If you've suffered trauma to your mouth and have a cracked or broken tooth that can't be restored with the help of a dental crown or veneer, you may have to have your tooth extracted in order to preserve your oral health. To prevent further damage and bone loss, our dental team will go over tooth replacement options with you.

If you have a broken tooth, don't wait. Bacteria can easily settle into the cracks and begin to spread, causing more dental issues and discomfort than you anticipated. The extraction procedure is quite simple and can be done in just one visit to our dental clinic.


If you're experiencing tooth decay that has become severe and root canal therapy is not sufficient enough, one of the best ways to save your surrounding teeth and gum and bone tissue is by having the tooth removed. During the procedure, we'll ensure you feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Afterwards, our dentist will discuss cosmetic options available to you to replace the entire tooth, such as dental implants or dental bridges.

Wisdom Teeth

We'll keep up to date with your x-rays in order to determine the best time to have your wisdom teeth removed. Typically, we remove all four at once (if you've developed all of them) right here in our comfortable dental office. Our caring team will ensure you feel comfortable and understand how the entire wisdom tooth removal process works and provide thorough aftercare instructions.

It's important to undergo wisdom teeth removal in order to prevent overcrowding or pushing against nerves or surrounding healthy teeth.

Various Treatment Options Available In

Providing simple extractions and surgical extractions for all patients.

A simple extraction refers to the removal of a visible tooth, whereas a surgical extraction refers to our family dentist needing to make an incision in your gums. In the case of wisdom tooth extractions, surgery is often needed but we will discuss appropriate options for any surgical procedure needed.

We'll get rid of your tooth pain.

A wisdom tooth or an infected, cracked or broken tooth may be causing you severe pain. This can be due to the wisdom tooth being poorly positioned or infection settling in. Whatever the reason, our dental care team can remove the affected tooth, relieve you of your pain, and leave you with a happy and healthy smile.

Local anesthesia can be applied for simple extractions.

A simple tooth extraction appointment is often quick and stress-free. We'll provide a local anesthetic so you don't feel anything.

Wisdom tooth extraction can preserve your oral health.

Having your wisdom teeth pulled is, oftentimes, highly necessary to ensure optimal dental health. If you're feeling pain in the back of your mouth, contact us to look at them immediately.

We'll provide you with easy-to-follow aftercare instructions.

Following tooth extractions, we'll ensure you're fully informed after the process on how to relieve discomfort, which soft foods to eat, how to change gauze, and how to clean your mouth.