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Tooth Fillings Barrie

Offering White Composite Dental Fillings In Barrie

Unsightly gold and silver fillings are a thing of the past. Our dental office proudly offers tooth-coloured fillings, referred to as composite fillings. These are made from a white composite resin material that is BPA-free, non-toxic and made from a mixture of resin and quartz or glass. They're used to restore and prevent further tooth decay (cavity). If you have a cavity, our Barrie dentist can explain how composite fillings work and help to restore your smile.

Offering White Composite Dental Fillings In Barrie

Natural Looking Appearance

If you have a cavity (or multiple cavities), a small hole will be drilled in the tooth to remove the decay and the white filling will be inserted. Much like a dental crown or porcelain veneer, it mimics a natural tooth colour so no one will ever notice the difference.

Protects Tooth From Further Damage

Whether it's because of cavities or if your tooth has been damaged (cracked, chipped, or broken), its strength can be restored with the help of dental fillings. So, not only do they restore the entire tooth structure and strength, but they also improve the appearance and shape at the same time.

Tooth Decay Should Be Taken Care of Right Away

In order to keep your smile healthy, cavities should be removed right away. Therefore, if you're experiencing the following symptoms, call our dental office to book an appointment and we'll restore your tooth with dental fillings: toothache, tooth sensitivity, visible holes or pits, and brown or black staining.

Cavities can be caused by a few different factors, including bacteria or not brushing or flossing regularly/correctly. The longer you leave bacteria in your mouth, the more you're putting your oral health at risk. Bacteria and infection can quickly spread to the rest of your teeth and even into your bloodstream if left long enough. This is also why maintaining a proper oral hygiene habit is extremely important as well as visiting our dentist at least every six months.

Does Your Silver Filling Need To Be Replaced?

If you currently have a silver filling that is cracking or in need of replacement, let's discuss replacing it with white fillings so you can achieve the smile of your dreams. White fillings are durable and natural-looking and don't stand out, unlike silver ones, however, we can't replace the silver filling and don't recommend it either. We can only replace it if it's damaged or actually in need of replacing. Our dentist will explain this process to you in further detail during your appointment.

Providing Restorative, Cosmetic & Family Dentistry Services

Whether you're in need of tooth-coloured fillings, curious about our cosmetic services, or just need to book a regular checkup, give our dental office a call today. Our family-friendly practice helps patients of all ages achieve and maintain a healthier and happier smile and optimal dental health. Our dentists and the entire team look forward to helping you!